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Ways to Help

Hosting and Volunteering

The Just Neighbors Interfaith Homeless Network could not serve the needs of homeless without our network of dedicated Host & Support Congregations and Partnering Groups. We are extremely grateful for their support, compassion, commitment, and the wonderful services they provide to the homeless families we serve.

Hosting rotates weekly among the Network congregations and partnering groups, as each in turn provides daily meals, engaging conversations, special programs, and other welcoming care. There are also other support congregations and groups that assist with meals and supplies. A listing of our current Hosting/Supporting Congregations and Partnering Groups can be downloaded here.

Please contact us to find out how your congregation or group can become a part of Just Neighbors IHN Network of service!

Benefits of Hosting and/or Volunteering

Direct benefits to the Host & Support Congregations include broadening perspectives on poverty and homelessness by allowing volunteers the opportunity to have direct engagement with those in deepest need. Some clergy have commented that participation in Just Neighbors IHN was a “turning point” for their ministry and their congregation. Others maintain that Just Neighbors IHN became the focal point for renewal, as a spirit of “cooperation and generosity” increased among parishioners. The Just Neighbors IHN experience enables congregations and other groups to put their faith into action through service to the “least of these” in our community.

Just Neighbors IHN unites many different people of purpose into a joint mission effort. By sharing a mutual concern and response to the problem of homelessness, relationships are born that transcend religious traditions and cultures, and a common purpose enriches not only the congregations and partnering groups themselves but the life of an entire community.

Make a difference and volunteer today!

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